Wednesday, January 31, 2007

shh! she's blocking

my forecast, or Clementine, as i've named her, is blocking on my floor.

i think she's turned out a bit snug. also, i'm second guessing my ability to wear orange. but i'm pretty sure i've just gotten tired of the color from knitting it. i bought buttons for the sweater, but i don't love them. they were the best i could find, and i'm anxious to finish so they will have to do. i haven't ripped them off their packaging yet because i have a nagging sense that i'll find the perfect buttons after i've sewn the less-than-perfect buttons on. c'est la vie, non?

the jaywalker socks have become my knitting-in-class project. I'm only going to work on those socks during my school time, i.e. waiting for teachers to get to the classroom, or secretly knitting during lecture. i've been sitting behind a large guy in one of my classes for this specific reason. i'm pretty sure my teacher has no idea. it will be interesting to see how long it will take to knit a whole sock...


Friday, January 26, 2007


i've been tagged by spinneret!

the rules are simple enough:
write five things you haven't talked about on your blog, and tag five people that you'd like to know more about! fun!

1. i like to read novels outside of school but i have a hard time fitting it in when i'd rather be knitting. so i read on the toilet. right now i'm reading through Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Kate Jacob's new novel, The Friday Night Knitting Club. you would be surprised at just how much time can be spent in the bathroom.

2. i may have purchased 12 balls of classic elite skye tweed in paisley pink. it's on sale at webs!

3. i bought a drop spindle and some corriedale fiber about 6 months ago but i haven't mustered the courage to give spinning a go. (not to mention, my dogs already chewed up the non-working end of the spindle.)

4. legally blonde is in my top ten favorite movies list. when i'm feeling down about school, and i'm unmotivated, i watch the movie and i get pumped up again. if elle woods can go to harvard, i can get an 'A' in comparative vertebrate anatomy! *sigh*

5. i wore white converse sneakers under my wedding dress. so much more comfortable than high heels!

now i'm tagging:

fish knits

the square peg

go knit stuff


life and times of paula tesch

and in other news, i started the jaywalker sock with my self-striping yarn...

i really like how they are striping up! it's very pleasing. i haven't named this colorway yet, any ideas?

the other weekend husband and i went to ikea and i got a new desk (for all that studying) and a new cubby thingy for my yarn!

bear approves of the new cubby. (can you see the paisley pink yarn that i may have purchased on webs?) That really sweet blue vase was a gift from my hubby's grandmother. it was made in 1903 and it's absolutely perfect for holding needles! i love it!

i'm off to class. where's my furry pink pen...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

monkey in a tree

the first monkey is done and it's hanging out while i get started on the second monkey. i love this pattern!

here's the progress on my CPH...

it's lookin' pretty sweet so far. i'm still very in love with this color and the yarn (peace fleece in sea moss). i'm almost at the armhole shaping and that's getting me pretty excited! wheeee!

i haven't done much more than cast on for the jaywalkers with my self-striping yarn, so there is no picture of that yet. perhaps next time.

Friday, January 12, 2007

central park hoodie

i joined another KAL...
yes, it's because i started another project. judge not.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

adventures in self-striping

i tried my luck at self-striping yarn this last weekend using kool-aid and knitpicks color-your-own fingering weight merino. i first had to make a very very large skein.

i walked around two chairs a million times while the yarn unwound from the swift in the middle of the room. then i tied them off into approximate thirds, soaked the skein in water, then placed each third into its own jar of kool-aid. i put those jars into a pot half-full of water and slowly heated them up.

i turned off the heat and let the yarn cool. then i gave it a rinse with a little bit of wool wash.

i hung it up to dry in the shower then i put it back on the chairs and wound it back on the swift.

i plan on making some jaywalkers with it, but i'm trying to focus on some of my other projects right now, like forecast. (i'm working on the first sleeve right now.)

also, this package arrived and it is especially tempting.

seven skeins of peace fleece worsted in sea moss and two skeins of blue sky alpacas organic cotton. the peace fleece is for the Central Park Hoodie and the cotton is for a decorative pillow. my bedspread needs a little sprucing up.

i hope to have the beginnings of a jaywalker sock the next time i post.

till then, eat a peach from costco. it'll blow your mind.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

i'm knitting a lot of socks these days

so my brother finally sent some photos of the socks and the odessa hat...

Needles: clover dpns size 2
Yarn: bambino ull some navy blue color
Pattern: basic ribbed version of the yarn harlot's basic sock

Needles: clover 12" circs size 4 and 6 and clover size 6 dpns
Yarn: Rowan cashsoft dk, some off white color
Pattern: odessa

I've also been working on hedera for my new SIL, jenny

i'm using frog tree alpaca in a fingering weight. it's a little too thin for my size 2 needles but i kind of doubt my SIL will wear them enough to wear them out. but who knows.

i had a pretty sweet christmas and santa told my mom that i needed this

and this

so i made some of these

and i started this

it's monkey. cookie is a genius at sock patterns that intrigue me. pomotomomotatomomus is on the list too.

that's pretty much it for now.

oh, also, i got straight As this fall semester. i was so happy i ate a pint of ben and jerry's phish food. now i feel less happy and more fat. meh.