Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Time No Blog...

it seems that getting my credential and becoming a real science teacher proved to be more time consuming than i thought. oh, that's right folks, i'm the real-deal now (and i have the job to prove it!)

i have been knitting since my last post (oh my, almost a year). i'll post a few things that i have photos of now. also, i'm currently in England on a fantastic trip with my wonderful mother! (more on that later)

here are some knitterly things:

pattern: ribbon lace scarf from
yarn: malabrigo sock chocolate brown, one skein
needles: US 3
mods: none
verdict: my favorite scarf yet :)

pattern: just enough ruffles by cosmicpluto (pattern on ravelry for small $)
yarn: malabrigo silky merino (forgot the color) 2 skeins
needles: size 9 circs
mods: different yarn, but it gave the scarf a flowing texture that was awesome!
made for: my good friend katie, who lived in istanbul at the time
verdict: fabulous

this is just in the works, from vogue magazine a while back...i'll finish it someday...probably....maybe...

PATTERN UPDATE: butterfly beret
I've been making a few more butterfly berets so that i can tidy up my pattern notes (the decreases are very particular) and i'm hoping to have a (free!!!) pattern up on the blog soon (don't ask me what that means....gosh, a month maybe?) keep checking.

well, i'm about to go to bed in the town of Fowey in Cornwall, England. can i just say this place is GORGEOUS! wowee. pics of the trip to come!!!