Monday, March 03, 2008

gathered pullover debut

It's finished!

doesn't this look like a casual senior portrait pose?

extra fabric in the back

why so serious? i think the sun was in my eyes.

Project specs:
pattern: gathered pullover by hana jason interweave knits winter 2007
yarn: brown sheep top of the lamb sport in "appletree" 7 skeins
needles: US 7
size: 36.5
mods: short row shaping and three needle bind off at the shoulders. omitted the increases and decreases over the bust near the cabled section.

verdict: meh. it's ok.

i was really disappointed with how this sweater came out at first. There was way more ease in the garment than i had originally planned for. the shoulders like to fall down into some sort of flashdance-esque bra display that i'm not into. in the photo i have the sweater safety pinned to the gray undershirt in four places around the shoulder and it's still slouchy. i got a few complements from some people in my college classes which made me realize that it's not a bad sweater, it's just not what i was originally going for.

did you notice the weird color faded stripe in the middle? i didn't notice it until the sweater was nearly done. some kind of freak yarn dyeing fluke. it's not in a terrible spot, but it annoys me a little bit.

all in all it was a quick, enjoyable knit with sizing errors on my part. i still love the color of the yarn. yum yum.