Wednesday, June 27, 2007

summer knitting

it gets hot, you know, in the summer. wool is not always conducive to knitting, but noro, who can pass up the noro?

the noro wanted to be knitted. it wanted to be a purse with a liner.

it wanted to become my new favorite thing ever.

the purse looks good with everything. including vegetation.

yarn: noro kureyon #95
Needles: size 10.5 bamboo
pattern: counterpane carpet bag from handknit holidays
mods: none
notions: from joanne's fabric

i loved knitting this purse. i had forgotton how much i loved noro and i enjoyed every stitch of this. in fact, i may make another one in a different colorway.

in other summer knitting news: cotton!

this is the petal bib from one skein by leigh radford. it's made with mission falls 1824 cotton and it was a fun, quick knit for the same baby that's getting the EZ baby sweater. thank goodness for cotton in the summer. it wicks away any sweat on my hands when i knit. such a great fiber!

i just bought some silk stainless and merino from habu textiles to make the kushu kushu scarf. the light airiness of the yarns make it good for summer knitting too!

that silk stainless stuff is rad. you can crunch the knitting up and it stays shaped because of the stainless steel thread that runs through it. so. cool.

oh summer, you are good to me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

knitting with p&p

the husband is away which means the chick-flicks came out. I had a "p&p" and "clueless" fest while i knit today.

the knitting station:

the boob tube:

The WIP:

(counterpane purse from handknit holidays in noro kureyon #95)

The FO:

Pattern: february sweater from knitters almanac, EZ
Yarn: rowan wool cotton
Needles: size 6
mods: i increased the stitches and pattern to attempt to adjust for the gauge but it made the sweater an odd shape.

babies are oddly shaped though, right?

the yarn is pretty and soft. hopefully it will fit the recipient!

it's probably going to be too big in the body and too short in the arms. what if it doesn't fit her until she's 3? ah, oh well. i'll probably knit up some baby socks to make myself feel better about it. ha!