Thursday, March 29, 2007

what must the neighbors think

i put the socks on. i walked to the driveway. i layed down on the driveway, stuck my feet in the air and took this photo.

(see the moon?)

maybe that's a little strange, but they are called monkey for a reason.

Monday, March 26, 2007

shocking the muggles

NYC was a blast! i got to go to a Letterman Show taping (Jack Black was on), enjoyed a day at the Natural History Museum, and of course, the shock the muggles part was sah-weeeet!

it was awesome seeing all the knitters gathered together. the feeling of "fitting in" was incredible! a woman came up to me and said "oh i love your sock, is that monkey?"

this is how knitters greet. they touch the other knitter's knitting. i LOVE this. oh yes, i'm totally wearing the hoodie! and look, it's the yarn harlot!

figures, i have a cheezy michelin man face. i was more star struck then i've ever been. ever. i mean, she's the yarn harlot! after the crowd faded away a little more my mom took some more hoodie pictures...

yay hoodie!

and look at all the knitters...

the yarn harlot was amazing. she was funny and honest and completely entertaining. each person was given needles and yarn to knit a square for "warm-up America" and everyone worked on their square during her speech. i had such a wonderful time.
the harlot wore her amazing bohus sweater (which she took off and threw on the ground and the crowd of knitters yelled at her to fold it neatly, silly knitters)
(super blurry, but you get the idea, right?)

that trip is bound to stay on my favorite memories list forever!

Friday, March 16, 2007

sneak peak

it's finished, my CPH is done!

it fits well, i love the color and i'm going to NYC tomorrow!!! i can't wait to get photos of my CPH in CP! haha :)

i have plenty to knit on the airplane, including the rest of "something red" and the other monkey sock.

i knit up another calorimetry, this time in fuschia for my friend Tracy.

nessie thought it made a nice cape, but it's not for her. sorry nessie.

i'm off to NYC!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


after the failed jaywalker socks i needed a quick fix to pick up my knitting spirits.

calorimetry to the rescue!

Pattern: calorimetry from
Yarn: filatura di crosa 127 print in color #27
Needles: clover straights size 8
Notions: sushi button purchased at Britex fabrics
mods: none

it fits nicely, and is just so perfect for ponytail days.

plus, i finally got to use my cute sushi button!!!

ah, so nice. now back to knitting on the CPH.