Wednesday, November 22, 2006

FOs, UFOs and stash enhancement

first, to prove that i CAN finish things...the FOs


Blackberry Beanie

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Cascade 220 in dark brown. lost the tag :)
Needles: clover size 7 circs and clover dpns
Mods: none

i set the unnamed foam head with the hat on my kitchen counter. the husband walked by, stopped, pulled the beanie off the foam head and placed it on his own. he looked at himself in the mirror and then demanded that i make the same exact one for him, only a little looser and here is UFO #1

i finished kyle's black socks, and he was very pleased to finally receive them

Pattern: yarn harlots basic sock pattern
Yarn: Dale of norway baby ull
Needle: size 2

this first sock is a christmas present for my brother... (act surprised when you get it, Anthony)

and now, the stash enhancement!!!

omg. there's blue koigu and the other three are claudia handpainted yarn. the colors for the CHP are paprika, just plum and john B. i finally realized that the sock yarn itself is the justification for sock knitting. i don't particularly like knitting socks but, my goodness, sock yarn is amazing!

ok, off to the bay area for turkey day! happy thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

one more row

there have been many, countless times when i uttered the phrase "just let me finish this row" or "just one more row" to my husband. there are also countless times where i'm convinced that he's not really listening to me, but it usually doesn't bother me either.

today, i wanted to go to lunch with my husband and i kept asking him when he would be ready to go but he wouldn't answer. again, i figured he wasn't listening, probably because he was in a "programming zone" and he hates to be interrupted. I sent him an IM, asking him if we could go already and he wrote back...

"just let me finish this 'row'"

he DOES listen :)