Wednesday, June 21, 2006

oops! i did it again kinda sorta bought another puppy.

he's SO cute though...

His name is Bear and he's only two days older than Nessie. We will get them both around the same time, the Fourth of July weekend.

there will be so much poop to clean up. but look at that face! it's worth it!

Monday, June 19, 2006


i haven't been posting lately because i've been REALLY busy with moving. there was a ton to pack, tons to throw away and tons to move into OUR HOUSE! i LOVE our new home. it's so beautiful, and there's a craft room just for me!!! AHHHH!!!

this is the house

i'll post a picture of the craft room once everything is out of the boxes. i started the second green sock. i was bored. pictures of that later too.

the end!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

yarn and free motion dinosaurs

i dyed the knitpicks yarn a while ago with 3 packets of strawberry kool-aid. it was hideous. the most awful coral color i've ever seen. so i decided to overdye it with a packet of cherry and a sprinkle of grape and it turned out a little better. so what are the only words i could find to describe the color? Ronald McDonald.

enter Ronald McDonald sock yarn. stage right.

i still have one skein of color-your-own left, i'll have to watch that batch more closely. and you know, NOT use strawberry kool-aid.

WARNING: unholy amounts of yarn were purchased as a birthday gift from me to me. (43 skeins. more or less)

fine, i admit i might have an addiction to yarn. at least knit picks is reasonlably priced.

the green yarn is for this K1 sweater.

i'm not going to do that weird cut out thing. i have a tummy worth covering up.

i've started the back!

i'm forced to question my timing in beginning this sweater, especially considering chico is now reaching the 100+ degree weather for summer and early fall. awesome. at least i'll have the sweater done in time for the cold, whenever that gets here.

the Shine in watermelon is for Something Red. i'm excited about that one too. even though it's cotton, it's not 112 degree weather clothing. bah.

in other news, i gave free motion quilting a go on my machine. i had to make a dinosaur of course! i think i'll turn it into a potholder. i really can't think of any other use for it. just practice really.

dinosaurs rock!