Tuesday, April 25, 2006

oh sew distracting

the semester is nearing its end which means lots of tests, projects and papers. if i had any sense i probably would have caught up on some studying this weekend. but on wednesday this came in the mail...

oh, i love me some amy butler fabrics.

then jenny came to town with a little dog and a quilting project. we decided to sew, and i made this.

it's a knitting needle case, for my long and straight needles. i'm sew happy with the pretty colors!

i used the pattern from the stitch 'n' bitch handbook. it's pretty large, which is nice for the longer straights, but i think i need to make a miniature version for my shorter needles. ok one more picture.

yeah, it's pretty much a guarantee that i'll make another needle case. i'm going to Britex fabrics in SF this coming saturday and i'll probably pick up some goodies from there.

there has been knitting, though most of it was on a secret project. I also started a sock but it doesn't look like anything yet. just a blurb. but i've decided that i like knitting on DPNs more than circulars and here's why: people think i'm way talented when there are needles sticking out every which-way. circulars are not impressive. DPNs look dangerous, and painful and confusing. if i can tame those beasts, i must be cooler than your average granny knitter. right?


i'm going to bed!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

cute little cousins

i haven't been knitting much lately. i finished the two pieces for the counterpane accessories pouch but i hate sewing the zipper and lining. i also am not a fan of the fabric that i bought for it. i'll probably wait until i buy a better fabric from a good fabric store.

i've got a bit of a secret project going for tracy. i owe her knitted things. sowy.

this past weekend i went down to the bay area to go to my cousin sofia's second birthday party. i bought the smallest ballet slippers i could find and they fit her perfectly!

she calls them princess shoes :)

my beautiful one-year-old cousin Bella modelled the hat i knit for her!

it was made with the leftovers from the sweater i knit for her from special knits (the cover sweater). isn't she adorable?

my freaking awesome mom bought me yarn too! i don't know what i did with my camera, so pictures are going to come once i start the projects. i'm going to make another odessa for my mom, the nutcracker slippers for me, and i'll give a pair of socks a try. i've never knit socks, and i'm still not convinced it's a good idea, but i'm going to do it anyway. i'll probably mess it all up, but whatever.

genetics homework time. wheeee.