Thursday, December 29, 2005

part deux

i know, it's mindblowingly sexy.

lauren's gonna LOVE this scarfypoo. it inspired me to buy yarn to make a warmer version for myself.

cue yarn.

so, i knit my first toy, and i'm feeling a bit smug. it's a koala, given to marisa for her 21st birthday. you're never too old for toys.

christmas was sahweeet in the gift department this year. i got two knitting books from husband, one from the iufers, one from my parents AND they also bought me the yarn to make Butterfly from Rowan magazine 37. sooo happay. i love this color.

ok, i have a massive amount of work to do on that weezer tote. also, i would like a piece of chocolate.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

so many WIPs

so, this has been a craaaaazy week. and heck, it's only thursday. i've only been able to knit on car rides to work and one productive trip to clayton (thanks dad).

this thang is going to be a tote...eventually. it's the weezer symbol in hot pink. this one goes to tracy, because weezer loves HER.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

iPod mini case

a protective carrying case for a pink iPod mini (original design, hence the crookedness here and there)

i imagine it won't look so c
rooked once an iPod is actually in it.

a lovely view of the back. i really like this pattern. i went fair-isle on its ass because intarsia would be retarded and the carried yarn serves as double padding. i just hope katherine agrees with my thinking patterns.

ribbon scarf: part 1

it is done.

So, photos at night look awful. don't judge me.

i wasn't totally pleased with the length of the scarf, i think i like it better wrapped close to the neck. it's almost like a cowl, or a light blue fuzz ball of loving. either or.

as far as lauren's white scarf, i may modify the pattern slightly. although, i'm concerned that i'll run out of yarn, and i was really hoping for a one-skein-wonder. also, now that my prototype is finished, i don't think any beads would show in the cast off considering how much the ripples curl. hrm. i guess i'll just add 10 stitches to the cast on for added length, and skip the beads altogether. they'd probably feel cold anyway.

oh oh oh, i only have one final left. zoology final at 10:00AM on friday. i'll be studying at starbucks fo sho. the best part about friday is that i only have to work for two hours AND the office is paying for everyone at work to see King Kong. STOKED. i hope it's good. i'll bring knitting just in case the dinosaur vs. kong fight isn't convincing. also i just like knitting. good for waiting in line too. i knit two feet of a scarf whilst in line for narnia.

ok, time to start lauren's scarf!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the best sentences start with "yeah right..."

"the word is pronounced 'div-EYE-sive'" -me
"yeah right, it's 'div-ISS-ive'" -kyle

i will always love 'yea
h right' sentences.

in other news, i made a quick trip to my fave
LYS today. i had planned on spending around 30 bucks but ended up spending the least amount of money i've ever spent in that store. a grand total of $6.42. i'm pretty sure that's a world record.
i picked up the cheapest mohair-ish yarn in the chico area: Kid Merino from Crystal Palace Yarns. in my opinion, it serves as a fine substitute for Rowan Kidsilk, especially since it's 40% of the cost.

i plan on using this yarn to make a ribbon scarf for Lauren as a Christmas gift. i think i'll spruce it up with adding white seed beads every tenth stich in the cast off. we'll see if i still think that's a good idea when i'm squinting and fumbling with 120 tiny beads. meh.

here's the practice ribbon scarf, most likely to go to a beloved cousin.

this little bugger is in the cast off stage as i type. funny story; 1,200 stitches is an absurd amount, and i hate my life.

Monday, December 12, 2005

green light

this is shameful really. i've spent a total of probably 12 hours reading other knitting blogs, and finally, i decided to make my own. not that i have anything blog-worthy to show. i guess this is mostly a motivational thing. let's see if it works...

in other news, that's a picture of me, in my zoology lab. yes, that's a fetal pig that i'm waving in the air. her name is Petunia. the smell is incredible. you can't get it out of your hands. husband went to kiss me that day, and commented on my new stench. i have a feeling that the people in my poli sci class think i smell like that normally. hrm. that's awkward.