Thursday, April 13, 2006

cute little cousins

i haven't been knitting much lately. i finished the two pieces for the counterpane accessories pouch but i hate sewing the zipper and lining. i also am not a fan of the fabric that i bought for it. i'll probably wait until i buy a better fabric from a good fabric store.

i've got a bit of a secret project going for tracy. i owe her knitted things. sowy.

this past weekend i went down to the bay area to go to my cousin sofia's second birthday party. i bought the smallest ballet slippers i could find and they fit her perfectly!

she calls them princess shoes :)

my beautiful one-year-old cousin Bella modelled the hat i knit for her!

it was made with the leftovers from the sweater i knit for her from special knits (the cover sweater). isn't she adorable?

my freaking awesome mom bought me yarn too! i don't know what i did with my camera, so pictures are going to come once i start the projects. i'm going to make another odessa for my mom, the nutcracker slippers for me, and i'll give a pair of socks a try. i've never knit socks, and i'm still not convinced it's a good idea, but i'm going to do it anyway. i'll probably mess it all up, but whatever.

genetics homework time. wheeee.


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Paula Tesch said...

wow. modeled/modelled is another one of those words, rach... it looked wrong, so i looked it up, and BOTH spellings are okay. i hate english.

as soon as i've modelled the clothes in milan, i'm cancelling all my appointments--i'm all travelled out!

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