Thursday, March 09, 2006

ode to odessa

last saturday, paula and i went all over town doing all sorts of stuff. our first stop was at a bead shop where i found the perfect beads for odessa!

check it out, the beads blend perfectly with the yarn.

in fact, in the knitting they almost don't look like beads at all, they look like the subtle bumps of a purl stitch. in the right light they are iridescent and bluish. love 'em.

odessa is coming along nicely and i love love love the pattern. it's soooo simple but you wouldn't believe the comments it gets.

"that's knitting? but it looks store bought!"-awesome girl in my genetics class
"oh what's that, an arm band?"-guy in ecology who mistakenly thinks my arms are as thick as my thighs.
"wow! it looks like an ice cream cone!"-awesome guy in my ecology lab.
"oh my god, i wish i could knit. that is so cute."-girl in genetics.

thank you odessa, you make me feel like a knitting genius. but i'm not. not even close. but yesterday i sure felt like one. :)

look! she swirls.

gratuitous bead shot

i'll surely be wearing this by the time i land at the chicago airport. EXCITEMENT!


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