Wednesday, February 08, 2006

a knitter's worst nightmare

i smashed my finger in my car door this morning. it quickly filled with blood, and i tearfully walked into work and asked for some advil. my parents are working in the chico office this week and my mom snapped into mommy-mode and got me a baggy of ice and some medicine. then she drove me to the health center, waited with me and went into the doctor's office with me. the doctor advised that i get the blood drained because i would have a 50% chance of losing the fingernail FOREVER. so, i woefully agreed and he brought out a tool that i call the medical soldering iron. he burnt a hole through my fingernail near the base, and the blood under my nail rushed out. then he burnt another hole through my nail, about in the center and SQUEEZED MY FINGER to get the rest out. the squeezing part hurt, but the hole burning wasn't bad.

the thing that kept bringing me to tears was the realization that i wouldn't be able to knit for a while. how horrible! i'm typing with one hand right now, but how do you knit with one hand? i'm sure i'll figure out a way to wedge one needle between my knees and move the other needle with my good hand. we shall see.

but, before the finger accident, i knit the thumb of katie's converitbles, and now i just have to knit the convertible part.

here's the underside.

i'm going to go practice my one-handed-knitting.


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