Sunday, February 05, 2006

katie's convertibles

i've been working on katie's convertible mittens in between classes and on an ecology field trip (just the bus ride). here they are so far...

here's a close up of the fair isle.

a little tight in some areas, but i'll stretch it a bit when i block it. i love this 100% alpaca yarn. i plan to pick up the stitches for the top of the mitten soon, and then knit the thumb. i hope it turns out alright, i'm not a fan of frogging. infact, i wouldn't frog it at all. i'd probably keep the janky mittens for myself and start a new pair (with lessons learned) and hope for the best. but, let's hope for the best the first time around.

my friend amy got the most adorable yorkshire terrier puppy. she's incredibly cheerful and has the sweetest disposition. so, i have to knit her a sweater. she's just yelping for a hot pink one. so i cast on during the superbowl. i'm hoping it will be a quick knit because i have several projects that have priority over this, but i'm just so easily distracted.




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