Friday, February 24, 2006

even a knitter

so, i definitely bought the new stitch 'n' bitch. yes, THAT stitch 'n' bitch, the one about crocheting.

but look, see? see that? right there...

there, it says "stitch-by-stitch instructions so clear anyone can learn to crochet—even a knitter" talk about calling me out. well heck, how could i NOT buy it? I flipped through the pages and found a simple scarf pattern that had a shell stitch border, something i hadn't done before(actually, the only thing i've done is a single crochet potholder.) i bought the recomended yarn (patons classic wool) and hook. by the way, patons classic wool merino is the most acryllic-like wool i've ever used. i was pretty convinced that it wasn't wool, but there was a felted sample at the store. weird.

look, ma! i'm a hooker!

i like it, i really do. it went by quickly and the shell stitch is pretty fun to do. i'll be trying out some more crochet patterns from that book soon. i'll also probably get some ribbon to run through the center of this scarf to add a splash of color and style. loves it.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger Paula Tesch said...

i always knew you'd make a wonderful hooker. *tear* you make me so proud.

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