Thursday, February 16, 2006


my finger is still tender but it's much much better! i haven't knit much at all since the last post, but i did start(and finish) a hat for my cousin Isabella. i had a ball and a half of debbie bliss cashmerino aran left over from a sweater i knit for her birthday two months ago. she's so cute! she's walking and knows some sign language and can say momma, dadda, and doggie. too cute.

i knit the hat up in a hurry, slapped on a knitted flower and gave the hat away before taking any photos. next time i see my cousin i'll get a picture of her wearing her pink ensemble.

my parents came into town before Valentine's day and my dad took me to the LYS and bought me some Rowan kid classic! YAY!!! I started Eowyn from Rowan magazine 38, look!

this is fun to knit, and quick too. I did that whole bit in one sitting. i can't wait to wear them. they're my reward if i can get through this week (geology and ecology test tomorrow, ecology lab test thursday, genetic map of 6 genes due thursday, and a genetic test friday) i may also reward myself with ice cream.

well, i've really got to study for the two tests i have tomorrow. of course, i'll knit a few rows during my study breaks (sometimes those happen more frequently than the studying itself. meh.)

oh oh, here's my finger. huge hole = gross.


(the date on this post is off because i started writing it on the 16th, and didn't finish till the 21st. what took me so long??)


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