Friday, October 27, 2006


i've been working on forecast lately and i'm really loving the pattern. top down raglans are probably my new favorite thing in the world.



i've changed the bobbles to 3-stitch because five is right out. i'm extending the length of the ribbing at the bottom of the body and i'm going to start the ribbing on the sleeves after the elbow too. the sweater is snug, but better snug than loose. i think it should fit fine but i need to get buttons. what color? decisions, decisions.

another thing about this sweater...i think i'm running out of yarn. the pattern said 4 skeins and i'm almost done with my third and i haven't started the sleeves...fingers crossed.


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Daddio said...

So, that is a very nice sweater. It looks a little short to me, but maybe that's the style. Also, I'm glad that Nessie did not get into the ball of yarn for this project. Or you would need to do more than just cross your fingers. more yarn.

Love Ya Cheekie!


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