Saturday, October 16, 2010

something with a bow

it turns out, i can knit a lot of garter-stitch while walking around OSH. two OSH workers commented on my ability to perform my hobby while living out my "normal" life.

i originally bought this yarn to make some cute kind of anthropologie-esque vest. after ripping this "anthropologie-esque vest" out 4 times, i realized this yarn wanted to be something else. it wanted to be something easy. something cute. something with a bow.


quick, simple, fun and fantastic.

Yarn: wool-ease worsted weight yarn in "Sienna"
Needles: US 8
Pattern: my own: CO 16 stitches. knit garter stitch for about 2 feet or as long as desired. BO all sts. tie the garter stitch strip into a bow and sew the CO and BO ends together. use a bit of yarn to tie down the bow to the headband portion if the bow sticks out too much.

loves it.