Monday, June 02, 2008

butterfly beret (i'm alive)

sorry for the long absence (especially for you, Grandma) but things have been so hectic lately. college is out for summer and this is the last week of school at the high school. i will finally have time to knit!

during the last tedious weeks of college classes i made this little green beret. I haven't had time to photograph it until today!

I'm calling it the butterfly beret because i used the butterfly stitch (which i greatly enjoyed knitting).

(also, i got a new hair cut)

i added this little nub to the end of the beret. it is excessively diverting. berets with nubs are my new favorite thing.

Yarn: rowan felted tweed
needles: US 4 and 5 circs, US 5 dpns
pattern: butterfly beret (my own)

if there's any interest for a pattern, let me know. i'll have to knit up another one to recall the decreases and whatnot, but i may be able to do it.