Monday, February 26, 2007

anyone know a leprechaun?

i've been knitting my jaywalker sock during school hours, all the while giggling to myself at how clever i am. knitting during school, it's pure genius! then i tried the sock on this weekend. well, i tried to try it on. the sock is WAY too small.

also, i am WAY too stubborn to rip it out and start again. i made my smallest friend try it on, and she couldn't slip it over her heel.

what can be done with a too-small-half-knitted sock? let's find out.

pencil cup?


ear wamer?


light bulb cozy?




clearly, i need to find a leprechaun for these socks.

in other news, i've been working on the cph.

i'm halfway through the second sleve and i picked up the hood stitches last night. getting closer! i need to have it finished by the time i go to NYC. i'll be there mid-march, wait, what's that? the yarn harlot's (shock the muggles) book signing is in mid-march? oh yes, i'll be there. my mom and i extended our trip to make it :) SO excited!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

bandwagons and how i hop on them

cool knitters have cool heart rate monitors.

i have hopped on that bandwagon. yup, that same exact heart rate monitor is now mine. it matches my running shoes. i'm not really trying to lose weight so much as get cardiovascularly in shape. i rarely exercise and i know that now is the time to get into the habit while i'm still young. that heart rate monitor is really a motivator. i love it!

anyway, after i finished clementine, i was still aching for some top-down raglan action. i cast on and ripped through most of the body for something red. (i'm using cascade luna in sprout #713)

(weird bathroom/mirror shot, i know, but i was not into the whole tripod/self-timer/weirding out the neighbors thing at the time.)

i fully dig how the design makes the ribbing flare out toward the bottom. excellent design element and it's slimming too.

i have had to put this project down for a while and i'm forcing myself to hurry up and finish my CPH already. i'll be going to NYC for a few days in mid-march and i want to take a picture of CPH in Central Park. i mean c'mon, you have to. the back and one and a half fronts are finished. i'm going to try to be monogomous with it when i'm home, but my jaywalkers will stay my project during school hours.

for my friend's birthday we painted ceramics. i'm not much of an artist so i had to think of something to paint beforehand. i decided on this knit/purl logo for a coffee mug. the heart mug was chosen because i painted it near Valentine's day. i like it, but it's kind of hard to tell what it says.

it's nice and large and holds plenty of coffee. i used it while i watched pride and prejudice and knit on the CPH.

i finished one of the hedera socks a while ago but i haven't gotten started on the second.

this photo is not true to it's color, it's much more teal than blue. the sock looks lovely on the foot and it's very cozy. this yarn however, frog tree alpaca fingering weight, is just a little too slippery and fuzzy for my liking.

Friday, February 09, 2007

oh my darlin' clementine

because i love stephanie japel's patterns, i have to do everything like her. including dpns in the hair, and the same poses.

clementine, er, my forecast is done! i wear her around the house to get adjusted to the tangy orange color and i think i'll be able to brave the public soon. it's definitely a great sweater.

here's the back (which is just SO cute with the cables/bobbles running down)

and i love kissy photos

i love those extra long sleeves. I should have made the body a little longer, but i had to break into a skein that was a different dye-lot for the second sleeve. i don't think you can tell though.

pattern: forecast by stephanie japel
needles: clover size 8 and 6 circs and dpns
yarn: cascade 220 in some orange (lost all the bands)
mods: extended ribbing on the arms and a little more on the waist, i knit the sleeves in the round and made a 3-stitch bobble instead of five.

i LOVE this sweater!

ok, one more photo