Monday, May 08, 2006

i swear this is a knitting blog

sew, it happened again. the sewing machine was out and i had a serious need for a short needle case (yes, i've also been considering my need for a double-pointed-needle case as well, but first things first).

it went by quickly this time.

i modified the stitch 'n' bitch pattern to hold the short needles and i added the shell button and used yarn for the tie instead of ribbon. i find it more attractive.

the colors are so full of springtime! fabulous. loves it.

also, this happened.

it's an apron, in case you couldn't figure that out. i'm not even that into cooking. i do make large messes, so perhaps i was thinking of that when i made this. or not. you pick.

paula was my accomplice with all this sewing. we are bad influences on each other. i bought this book.

paula saw this pattern.

then she made these.

i know what you're thinking. you wish you were her friend so she could send you one of these awesome cards. aren't they stunning!?!?


i've been working on a secret project for tracy and it's finished! i'll be putting it in the mail this week.

i hate sewing zippers, and i forced myself to sit down and finish the darn thing. then there was the liner, and i have a new hatred for that. but it's so adorable i've forgiven it momentarily.

turns out, knitted and crocheted bags are way hot right now. i must be a fashion guru. (if you know kyle you'll get that)

i've been working on my first sock. it's growing slowly and i had taken a photo of it but it was accidentally deleted by my fat thumb. wtf thumb, why you in the way like that? i'll take a photo of it later, maybe after my attempt to turn the heel. wish me luck on that. the sock is green by the way, in case you were wondering. whoever you are.

it's late and i'm getting weirdly paranoid.



At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like those sewy things Paula did. Pretty cool designs. Way good on the purse. Keep up the good SewKnitting

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Paula Tesch said...

aww. yo' daddy like my sewy things! DASS NASS.

i think we can all guess who the next recipient of a sewy thing is going to be...although it'll be hard to find something to thank him for. i mean, t's not like he's ever done anything nice for treated me to dinner, or driven me home an hour and a half out of his way, or been responsible for the contribution of no less than 50% of the genes of one of my favorite people ever...or anything. but i'm sure i'll find something. obviously, i'm hella creative...i'll just make something up.

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