Thursday, May 18, 2006

finally some knitting content (and sewing too)

i bought some lace/cobweb weight yarn a while ago and i needed to test it out with something small. but what? ah yes, a lace bookmark! i used the "heart" pattern (8 repeats) from on size 1 needles and a teeny tiny bookmark pooped out.

i think it's very nice.

it's only 6 inches long and less than two inches wide. i think my mom needs one.

more knitting developments: a sock in the making.

check out that heel!

i can't believe it's coming out foot-shaped. turning the heel is pretty exciting but overall i'm not overjoyed with sock-knitting. i'm only giving it a shot because the yarn harlot convinced me in her latest book. i'll do my best to complete a whole pair, but there are no guarantees. let me know if you know any amputees with one foot who needs a green sock. they may be in luck.

yesterday, this came in the mail.

knitpicks dye your own yarn!!! (two skeins) i bought some kool-aid too and i plan on dying a skein tonight while watching the office reruns.

i'm done with finals which means IT'S SUMMER!!! with my new found freedom i realized that i had some time to spare and opened my yarn closet. after finding nothing interesting on the top layers i began to dig through the underbrush and re-discovered my butterfly yarn. i sat down with my Rowan magazine and a ball of kidsilk haze and worked four repeats of the dress edge.

i'm looking forward to making this dress, even though the KSH is a difficult yarn to work with (i get very mad at it on the p2tog tbl sections). it's just too pretty to pass up.

i get bored easily so i put down butterfly and sat at the sewing machine for a little while.

it's my first quilted card (those other ones were the handywork of the fabulous Paula "so-cute" Tesch). i don't know who i will send this card to, but i do plan on sending it. i think.

there was still more time to craft, so i worked a little on yet another secret project. it was quite an eventful evening.

ah well, lunch break is over. back to work i go...


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Paula Tesch said...

the card is FAB. don't get so good at it that you're like hella a lot more better than me... after all, this is the sole source of my self esteem. sad, yes, but true.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Emma said...

The bookmark is so pretty! Good luck with your dyeing experiment!

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