Thursday, January 12, 2006

three musketeers and a geisha

i had an amazing time in hawaii! i sunbathed and read memoirs of a geisha (which took away from my knitting time), i went whale watching, played glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, hiked through a bamboo forest to a waterfall and much much more. definitely one of the best vacations ever. i was so happy to play with paula while i was there too. we had a really great time, but i must admit, i'm really happy to be back at home in chico.

whilst in a cabana in maui, i finished the body of the weezer tote. i'm pretty excited, but i'm a little concerned with my handstitching skills, er, lack thereof.

i cut and pinned the asian-style fabric (memoirs of a geisha must have been fresh in my mind).

then backstitched the hell out of it. or something like that.

now i just have to knit two straps, line them with fabric, attach them to the purse and stitch the fabric lining snugly inside the tote. um. this is going to be a really late christmas present. meh.

on the airplane i worked on ribbon scarf numero tres. aqui esta:

look at how pretty the three musketeers are!

currently on the needles:
Rowan Butterfly (pictures coming soon)
Ribbon Scarf #4 (for me!)
Pasha the Penguin, for husband
Straps for the weezer tote

over and out.


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