Sunday, January 15, 2006

my first crocheted object

it's a potholder. typical. lame. but at least it's not a barbie doll dress toilet paper roll cover. those are lamer. i never understood why anyone would ever make those. so tacky.

close up of some flawless hooker skills. haha.

this project only strengthened my love for knitting. it's so much prettier. crocheted objects are just so bulky. as i read in stephanie pearl-mcphee's Yarn Harlot, crocheting uses three times more yarn than knitting, and only burns eighty Calories per hour compared to knitting's eighty-five Calories per hour. that adds up over time, i swear.

anyhow, i'm ready to pick up my sticks again and stuff the hooks in a dark corner of my yarn closet for quite a while.


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