Sunday, January 15, 2006

frog tree

i haven't wanted to hoard anything like this since i was a kid after the candy had just burst out from a pinata. frog tree yarn is lusty and delicious. i bought three skeins at my LYS with plans to make some mitten-esque hand warmers for my friend Katherine. i started knitting a swatch and i suddenly couldn't stop thinking about what colors i should buy next. horror struck me when i realized i wouldn't be able to go to the yarn store again until monday. it's my yarn candy. i LOVE it.

look at this beautiful 100% alpaca sport weight loving.

i've also come to grips with my need to own some crochet hooks. each time i fall in love with a knitting pattern i notice a small edging or aplique that calls for the crocheted beast. i'm folding, and i'll be learning a few techniques soon (i think). i bought three bamboo hooks, and some size four dpns for my frog tree yarn :)

oh, how could i forget! i re-organized my knitting closet. it's beautiful. but i did realize that i have less knit-worthy yarn than i thought. this is good and bad. i've just discovered yarn candy, but my post-christmas budget is in the negatives. i'll just buy two shades of green...


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