Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ribbon scarf: part 1

it is done.

So, photos at night look awful. don't judge me.

i wasn't totally pleased with the length of the scarf, i think i like it better wrapped close to the neck. it's almost like a cowl, or a light blue fuzz ball of loving. either or.

as far as lauren's white scarf, i may modify the pattern slightly. although, i'm concerned that i'll run out of yarn, and i was really hoping for a one-skein-wonder. also, now that my prototype is finished, i don't think any beads would show in the cast off considering how much the ripples curl. hrm. i guess i'll just add 10 stitches to the cast on for added length, and skip the beads altogether. they'd probably feel cold anyway.

oh oh oh, i only have one final left. zoology final at 10:00AM on friday. i'll be studying at starbucks fo sho. the best part about friday is that i only have to work for two hours AND the office is paying for everyone at work to see King Kong. STOKED. i hope it's good. i'll bring knitting just in case the dinosaur vs. kong fight isn't convincing. also i just like knitting. good for waiting in line too. i knit two feet of a scarf whilst in line for narnia.

ok, time to start lauren's scarf!


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