Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the best sentences start with "yeah right..."

"the word is pronounced 'div-EYE-sive'" -me
"yeah right, it's 'div-ISS-ive'" -kyle

i will always love 'yea
h right' sentences.

in other news, i made a quick trip to my fave
LYS today. i had planned on spending around 30 bucks but ended up spending the least amount of money i've ever spent in that store. a grand total of $6.42. i'm pretty sure that's a world record.
i picked up the cheapest mohair-ish yarn in the chico area: Kid Merino from Crystal Palace Yarns. in my opinion, it serves as a fine substitute for Rowan Kidsilk, especially since it's 40% of the cost.

i plan on using this yarn to make a ribbon scarf for Lauren as a Christmas gift. i think i'll spruce it up with adding white seed beads every tenth stich in the cast off. we'll see if i still think that's a good idea when i'm squinting and fumbling with 120 tiny beads. meh.

here's the practice ribbon scarf, most likely to go to a beloved cousin.

this little bugger is in the cast off stage as i type. funny story; 1,200 stitches is an absurd amount, and i hate my life.


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